How Much Does It Cost To Get Junk Removed

It’s the bright and breezy time of the year when most of the homeowners are busy in spring cleaning. With the cleaning comes the junk. When you need to get rid of a lot of junk, there are two main options. Either hire a professional junk removal company or a dumpster rental. The former happens to be a costly endeavor whereas the latter takes a lot of hard work. You have to fill up the dumpster on your own and the professionals will drive it away to a safe place. 

Whatever the option you may choose, it is interesting and imperative to know the average cost of junk removal in Riverside CA.

The cost for your unique project depends on several different factors such as the amount of junk, the kind of service you hire, and the place you live in. Although the prices can vary, the following is a brief account of the averages.

The Average Cost

For dumpster rental services, the prices can be anywhere between $300 and $525 per week. Whereas the cost of full-service junk removal ranges between $100-$800.

At A Deeper Dig

There are several local and national junk removal companies offering their services at greatly different rates. Unlike other services, estimates for junk removal services at not provided on phone. A representative will come to the site evaluation of the junk removal job. You will only get accurate rates but it becomes a bit more challenging when you need emergency junk hauling services.

The most important factor is the location. If you are hiring a junk removal service in New York, you will be paying double the price as compared to CA. The cost also depends on the season of the year, the busiest being the spring followed by summers. Gas prices and local disposal prices can also impact the bill you will receive at the end of the job.

The most obvious factor is the amount of junk you are removing. The full-service junk removal cost greatly depends on the nature of the junk as well. If you are throwing away a truckload full of mattresses, fridges, and appliances you will be charged a lot more as compared to renovation debris.

When you opt for a dumpster rental, you will be charged a fixed price that is adjusted according to the size of the dumpster and the time you will use it.  Make sure you are renting the right size and you will not have to worry about over-filling charges.

Following are some estimates for different kinds of junk.

  • Yard and compost removal can cost anywhere between $70-$500.
  • The average cost of junk removal can be anywhere between $50 to $150 per unit. As the refrigerating appliances contain Freon gas and cannot be dumped directly, the costs shoot up. Other major appliances add up $30 per unit.
  • The furniture removal costs anywhere between $100 and $600.
  • Removing construction debris costs between $100 to $800.
  • Garage cleanout in Riverside CA costs about $500.

How To Save Money On Junk Removal

Luckily, there are ways to save money on junk removal.

  • If you know the way to haul it and have got enough time, dumping your trash at your local landfill costs $20 to $50 per ton.
  • When it comes to appliances, consider donating them or request the company to recycle them.
  • You can donate furniture to second-hand shops and get a tax-deductible receipt.
  • If you are hiring a general contractor for renovation projects, ask if they will take care of the junk.
  • Compare the quotes.
  • Prefer hiring junk removal services during autumn and winter season.